Together Again – The Brand New Release by Doug Hyde

Together Again by Doug Hyde is the Brand New Release available now

Doug’s heart-warming new collection is a vibrant celebration of love and friendship, hope and dreams, and above all, of being back…

He has built a formidable reputation as the man behind ‘the smile’, one of the most iconic artworks of the 21st century and he was named in a BBC news broadcast as the most popular living artist in the UK. His uplifting and inspiring original paintings, sculpture and limited editions have become highly sought-after collectors’ items, and he has been the subject of numerous books and articles.

This new collection of limited editions shows Doug at his most colourful and creative. Embracing many of his best-loved characters and ideas, he celebrates some of the best things life has to offer, from warm smiles and big hugs to sharing a cup of tea with good friends!

Within the collection are a bright and contemporary pair of collectable sculptures which provide an uplifting reminder of the importance of friendship and family and radiates hope, joy and positivity.

This major new collection celebrates all the uplifting ideals that have inspired the fine art phenomenon that is Doug Hyde. Love, companionship, friendship, laughter, romance, hope and togetherness are all here, summed up in his inimitable style. The stunning manipulation of colour, creative use of form and of course, the enchanting cast of beloved characters, ensures that this collection will be a huge success.

In addition to many sell out limited edition artworks and original paintings, Doug has produced three fabulous hardback books, ‘The Man Behind the Smile’ ‘Heart and Soul’ and most recently ‘The Lost Reindeer’, a beautiful book combining fine art and folk tale to stunning effect.

Doug’s extraordinary rise from virtual unknown to the most popular living artist in the UK has been meteoric.His celebrity collectors include golfer Rory McIlroy and Emily Blunt (star of the movie The Devil Wears Prada ).

“I hope people can feel a connection with my work, and share the positive emotions behind it! I am passionate about my work and commit everything to it. I hope that those who buy my work feel the same emotion for it that I do; I hope they love it!”