Lost In Holywood 4 Collection by Mark Davies

Today sees the launch of the long awaited Lost In Holywood 4 Collection by Mark Davies

As with ‘Lost in Hollywood 3’, this fourth instalment was predominately planned and created during the Covid-19 restrictions. The most difficult part of that being the uncertainty as we moved in and out of lockdown and the changes that came about, not knowing if we could confidently and safely curate launch shows as well as all of the emotional upset and imbalance that existed.

However, what this has further reinforced to Mark personally is just how important and vital his art is as a form of escapism from everything else. Amongst all of the uncertainty and unknown it is his art and the process of conceiving and creating it that remains a constant. The same level of attention to detail, if not more with each collection, the meticulous planning of the promotion, the commitment to engage with his collectors that he have been unable to meet in person at events, e’s even got used to sticking his face in front of a camera!

Yet as a genuine artist your mind shouldn’t be focused on personal gain or growing one’s ego, it should be dedicated to those who invest both personally and financially into what you create. He can hold his head up high and say that this has, and always will be the case for him but what the pandemic has amplified is just how many people need that escapism too. Every piece sold is for a different reason, every piece viewed stirs a different memory and every single collector helps to make him a better artist.

Lost in Hollywood 4 has allowed Mark to further re-connect with his childhood memories and he loves how much fun it has been to tease and suggest at what is to come with this new body of work. Mark is incredibly proud of the end result. We hope this collection brings a lot of happiness to a lot of people because you deserve it.