New Paul Oz – Spring 2021 Collection

Brand New Spring 2021 Collection by Paul Oz

We have the pleasure of presenting to you this weekend, the highly anticipated Spring Collection by one of the most collectable British artists, Paul Oz. The portfolio comprises of an eclectic mix of exciting new artworks available as hand embellished canvases & mounted / framed Giclée paper editions.

All artworks are signed, numbered and certified. As with so many artists during the pandemic, the demand for Paul’s work has increased greatly.

The stunning Paul Oz hand embellished canvas editions are printed on fine Museum grade canvas before being hand lacquered & box stretched on fully adjustable stretcher bars. The editions are then delivered to Paul’s studio to be hand embellished by the artist himself, before being framed in an Italian wood L-Float / Tray style moulding. The vibrant colours and three dimensional appearance of the finished canvases then appear as brilliant likenesses of the original artworks themselves.

I strive for the impression of explosive energy, movement, expression and the maximum in 3D effect when I paint – several techniques combining for the end result. Every one is large scale and around 2cm thick oils in places (yes, I get through a fair amount of the stuff), usually on board for a completely flat background so that the texture of the subject really comes out at you. Recently using home made neon paint too which really is a visual punch in the face, and with a team of incredible photographers so we can reproduce the effect for limited editions. I’m fascinated with how perceptions change with distance – the biggest unintentional compliment I’ve had was that my work looks like a photo from a distance, and porridge close up. Love that!

A lifelong sportsman… many of my ‘eureka moments’ come on hours stuck inside my own head out on the bike. Others from the oft completely random brainstorming over dinner or hiking with the Mrs (and PA) Ashley. There’s no such thing as a crazy idea any more….. which in itself is the most inspiring and empowering thing if you truly believe it.