Kay Davenport The debut collection

We are delighted to introduce the first ever collection of limited editions from Kay Davenport, Kay’s beautiful and lyrical original paintings have become hugely popular across the country in the last two years so this collection has been highly anticipated . Inspired by a grandfather who won countless awards for his beautiful flower gardens, Kay has a deeply personal love of nature which impacts on both her day to day life and her art. During the summer months she leaves home at dawn in order to catch the flowers as they are opening, laden with dew, often spotting bees which are still dormant on a bloom which gives her ample time to capture a series of close up images on which to base her next painting. She says: “My work is the personalisation of how nature looks and feels to me.”

Twilight Dance £695 Edition of 195
Taking Flight £695 Edition of 195
Sweet As Honey £375 Edition of 195
Dream in Colour £375 Edition of 195
On The Wing £1550 Original Mixed Media on Canvas
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