‘All Smiles’ The Brand New Collection by Doug Hyde

Every Kind of Love Doug Hyde

All Smiles The Brand New Collection Doug Hyde

This major new collection comprises seven heart-warming new images and a fabulously detailed sculpture which venture into hitherto uncharted territory… Taking us on exhilarating windy walks and unorthodox sailing trips, then round the world and home again, Doug turns life into an adventure that will steal your heart and make you smile.

‘Every Kind Of Love’ – £750.00 Framed Size 21″ x 30″ ‘Wrapped In Love’ – £325.00 Framed Size 22″ x 22″ ‘Looking After My Heart’ – £325.00 Framed Size 22″ x 22″ ‘A Whale Of A Time’ – £595.00 Framed Size 32″ x 26″ ‘Park Run’ – £595.00 Framed size 32″ x 26″ ‘Love Hug’ – £450.00 Framed Size 27″ x 23″ ‘The Moon and Back’ – £475.00 30″ x 23″ ‘Space Cadets Sculpture’ – £695.00 Size 8″ x 10″

n 2002, Doug Hyde was a young artist painting pictures for his family and friends in his spare time. In 2005, Doug Hyde was named as the UK’s best selling published artist and described as the UK’s most popular living artist on a BBC TV national news broadcast.

Since then Doug’s popularity and profile has increased both at home and abroad, and he has recently returned from a sell-out tour in Japan. Yet despite his phenomenal success he has never lost touch with the realities of life, and has continued to produce work based around his love for his family, his unfailing optimism and his sheer enthusiasm for life.

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