Dan Lane Open Your Senses Sculptures

Dan Lane Open Your Senses Sculptures

An assemblage artist from Kent with a liking for all things mechanical, intricate and unusual, Dan Lane aka Mechanica creates sculptures with a dark yet beautiful take on natural forms by mechanical intervention; an industrial version of life.

Having worked as an engineer for fifteen years, Dan Lane began creating sculptures as a hobby three years ago. After being persuaded by family and friends, he went public with his artwork in April 2014, to an overwhelming response. In this short time he has been featured in a range of local and national newspapers, magazines and blogs, and even on the BBC 6 o’clock news. In August, he was selected to take part in the Summer Exhibition at Castle Fine Art in Mayfair, and was subsequently signed to Washington Green Fine Art Publishing. Now, he is preparing to exhibit his largest collection to date – ‘Every Piece Of Me’ – which will debut at Castle Fine Art in June 2015.

On the new collection, Dan says: “Each piece in this collection will be a more amplified version of anything I have done before stretching my abilities to create the most visually intricate and detailed sculptures. When people view this collection I want them to spend hours getting lost in each piece and taking in all the small details.”

The inspiration for Dan’s work comes from many different sources. He draws inspiration from sculptures in churches and cathedrals across the world, finding real presence and mood in the baroque, over-the-top styling. Gian Lorenzo Bernini is a particular inspiration of his, and he incorporates these types of Baroque sculpture as centre pieces in some of his sculptures, providing a strong focal point and adding to the concept of the dark yet beautiful.

Open Your Senses 2018 by Dan Lane