Rob Bishop Original Art

Rob Bishop is a Hertfordshire/Essex based mixed media artist who studied graphic design at college and model making at University. For several years Rob Bishop has worked as a cabinet maker and by combining all his skills Rob has developed a unique style of artwork that has caught public attention. Rob Bishop uses a mixed media approach to his work which combines digital art, wood work and painting. Rob Bishop creates a digital image, etches it onto 12mm maple veneered board then hand paints the piece by using many layers of wood stains, spray paints and lacquer to produce originals or a series of original variations and finishes with a hand made frame. Both the artwork and frame are finished with a thumbprint signature.

Rob Bishop Just Loves WOOD. anything in wood and as a cabinet maker he has honed his skills to include portrait art.

Rob Bishop is based in Hertfordshire. He studied graphic design at college and model making at university.

For the last ten years he has worked as a cabinet maker. By combining the skills he has learnt he has created this unique style of art.

“I manipulate an image digitally; which is up loaded to a laser machine and etched onto wood. I go to work on the piece with different colours, stains and layers of lacquer to create the image I have in my mind. When satisfied with the image a final layer of lacquer is applied followed by a hand polished finish . Each piece is signed and marked with my thumb print. No two pieces can ever be the same each therefore are truly original.” – Rob Bishop