Nigel Humphries New Boutique Collection

Through his nostalgic oil paintings of superheroes, toys and retro sweets, Nigel Humphries draws upon his own childhood to create award-winning artwork that aims to revolutionise the way people view still life painting.

Born and bred in Stoke-on-Trent, painting has always been a big part of Nigel’s life and he always has a number of pieces in production at any one time. His oil on canvas works demonstrate a real passion for still life, which Nigel Humphries says he wants to use to help people see “still life painting in a new light”. As a youth, he drew animals and monsters before graduating to steam trains, pets and caricatures. Along the way, he discovered a passion for nostalgia and began creating his own interpretations of the everyday items that shaped his childhood.

Nigel Humphries Inspired by comic books, movies, soundtracks, music and all things nostalgic, Nigel hopes to spread happiness through his work. Nigel’s unique approach stems from years spent devouring the art of others in order to form a style that, in his own words, is “traditional, but with a quirky element”.

He says: “I like all types of art. My taste ranges from Norman Rockwell and Alex Ross to Chardin and Rembrandt. I love illustration, and have long-admired the works of John Tenniel and Arthur Rackham, along with numerous comic book artists.”

Nigel Humphries explains: “The initial layout is outlined on the canvas in willow charcoal. I then use Winsor & Newton Artisan Oil paints. I don’t use any mediums in my paint as I like to use them straight from the tube. I like to paint onto a fine-grain linen canvas panel, which allows me to capture the detail in my work.”