Mark Curryer Artist Appearance & Live Painting 21st April 2018

Mark Curryer Artist Appearance & Live Painting 21st April 2018

We are incredibly excited to be hosting Mark Curryers first solo Artist Appearance and Live Painting in England! If you are in the area and would like to come and see Mark please RSVP on 01206 560395 / or

Born in Eastbourne, Sussex, in 1967, Mark developed a keen interest in art at an early age.

This youthful passion led to regional success as his work won a number of local newspaper competitions for his drawings, as the young Curryer expanded his abilities in pursuit of his own style.

Mark went on to hone these skills studying three-dimensional design at Eastbourne Art College in the mid-eighties.

Having forged a career in computerised finance for many years, the draw towards art was ever present and Mark’s success as a previously independent artist has now resulted in a professional return to his first love of painting.

The artist’s use of acrylics has led to a distinctively bold style. Inspired by architecture and moody cityscapes, Mark is fascinated by rainy nights and the way that light plays in reflections. His work is created with little or no use of brushes but instead a multitude of items including rollers and scrapers to achieve the textures and effects in his work that has achieved notable accolade.

Although at first glance his paintings may appear impressionistic, on closer inspection the evidence of Mark’s enjoyment including small areas of detail can be seen, which unanimously link the eye to the setting of the paintings.

Mark Curryer signed with Wishbone Publishing in 2017 and has a dedicated studio in Eastbourne where he paints full time