New Releases by JJ Adams

New Releases JJ Adams, one of the UK’s best mixed media artists. These are now available to view in the gallery & online, the new Spring 2017 collection includes celebrities from music to television and retro past times all with JJ’s own artist twist.

The New Collection Titles are

Spraying Hands

White Knight (black & White )

White Knight (Colour)

Atomic Girl (Black & White)

Atomic Girl (Colour)

London Tube – Rule Britannia


Brand Grenade Chanel

Brand Grenade Gucci

Brand Grenade Louis Vuitton

Brand Grenade Tiffany & Co

Brand Grenades

Sexy Beast

Arcade Wizard

Dealing Skunk

Princess Di

Featured in Vogue & GQ and having worked alongside clients like Rolls Royce and Bang & Olufsen, JJ Adams is rapidly becoming one of the UK’s most talked about and collectible artists. He is bold and confident in style often completely transforming celebrity images or iconic landmarks with his own inimitable edge and blurring the lines between new media, pop, fine art, digital art and photography.

Adams uses a range of new and mixed media in his work from spray painting to hand painting acrylics, stenciling, screen printing, collage and digital composite and matte painting as well as photography.

“The key is not to take yourself or your work too seriously,  just to have fun creating and experiment and ignore criticism and keep your feet on the ground, otherwise it gets too complicated and it ruins your creativity, I create artwork for other people to enjoy and I don’t attempt to save the world with a message that I don’t truly believe. I donate to charities instead through the sale of my artwork who really do know how to make a difference”