Robert Oxley Originals

Walk With Me

Original From 2017 Limited Edition Release

by Robert Oxley

Robert Oxley has become one of the most collectable Artists for his Limited Editions & original works of Art, in this Original piece he has captured the true elegance and power of the tiger.

Using acrylic on canvas, the approach to Robert’s work is all about being in the moment, the act of making the work and giving himself over to the process and the chemistry which he has nurtured over the years. He wants the work to look like it was made quickly and loosely, but on inspection every brushstroke is considered and painted meticulously; something which appears loose and free, but is in fact complex – which is what nature is all about.

Robert Oxley

My work is all about giving myself over to the moment – I don’t have a firm idea of how a piece will look in my head before painting.