Fortune Original Robert Oxley

Fortune Original


Fortune Original Robert Oxley – Hand Embellished Giclee on Canvas

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Robert Oxley


Original Acrylic on Box Canvas

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99.5 cm x 100 cm



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Fortune Original by Robert Oxley

As a little boy, Robert dreamed of becoming a zoo keeper. Today, the lions, tigers and elephants that roamed his imagination are given new life in his dazzling paintings. “My work appears loose and free but is in fact complex, which is what nature is all about.”

He has produced a vibrant butterfly. This colourful animal would look fabulous as the focal point of your living room – a real conversation piece.

More fragile than the glass that is blown for the throngs of tourists and just as gaily coloured. Butterflies are the equivalent of the ‘canary in a coal mine’, a measure of the health of the environment. Short and varied life-cycles and specific habitat needs provide a clear indication of the health of the environment.

Do you think caterpillars know they are going to become butterflies? When one wraps itself in a cocoon, maybe they think it’s the end it’s final. And they cry and grieve, saying society is cruel and it ended too soon. They regret not being a better friend, not telling them “I love you” one last time.

Caterpillars spend their whole lives wishing to be beautiful and thin and popular. They don’t understand there is something more, life after death. A place where they are beautiful, admired. Where they can spread their colorful wings and fly free. A place where they are loved for who they are.

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